Santos heart,hearts of fire,gaint rosary neckace,lace beaded heart cross necklace,rhinestone cross on heart,metal heart,love heart

  • $185.00

Beautiful Santos metal heart locket that has been inspired by prayer necklaces and the Mexican folk art "Hearts on Fire" design. It is attached to a pearl chain and adorned with vintage metal parts. Large Metal heart embellished with a cross and rhinestone "LOVE" attached to the front which is hand draped on a hand beaded filigree and faux rhinestone chain with a 3" x 2" rhinestone pendent attaching the heart locket and the filigree rhinestone chain. Above the heart on the flame is a rhinestone heart, each one of these pieces have been loving done by hand and with lots of love.

** 43" long

** metal 6" locket attached at the bottom

**3" x 2" rhinestone pendent